I followed a link from Gwadzilla over to thebicyclist.tv this morning. It's a internet sitcom about the trials and tribulations of Conrad, a midwest expat living in Portland. Each show is between 2-5 minutes and usually takes place in one location. I watched the first episode and then walked away, swearing I'd never return, but like a scab you can't stop picking, I've gone back and watched every single episode to date and now I'm too far invested to stop. This show puts the CAMP in Campagnolo. It's a beautiful bike wreck. It's... well, watch it.


Erica said...

drlogan, this is such an eloquent review that--alas--i must go watch thebicyclistv.

gwadzilla said...

I requested that they set it up so that we can watch the full episode automatically

instead of manual

there is some other spot to watch it
but I am not ready to sign up for something
I hate usernames and passwords

but I do like steve and lissa

steve... meow!

I hope my wife does not overhearing that I think that Steve is hot

enough on that
the joke was not funny the first time

she does play a role with spunk and personality

convincingly female

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