Starfish. Duh.

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Sick the Zombies on Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson was on Laura Ingram's show talking about how 80% of British parents prohibit their children from riding their bikes to school. Instead of seeing this as a problem, one that encourages obesity, traffic congestion and air pollution, he had this to say:

“I say amen. This will prevent a new generation of road hogging, annoying bicyclists from spreading the disease of bicycle riding.”

This statement is idiotic on so many levels that it's hardly worth mentioning, but there it is. This is the same Tucker Carlson BTW that bragged on air about assaulting a homosexual and got reamed on his own show by Jon Stewart. He also wears a bow-tie and is a general horse's ass.



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My New Tat


(Non) Charity Ride.

I did a group ride yesterday with about 40 other riders. It was sort of like a charity ride, complete with aid stations, minus the charity. It was just short of a metric century at 62 miles, half of which were on busy streets. At the very first stoplight we came to, a car that had slowed to let us through (across 3 lanes of traffic) was rear-ended by two cars. They apparently didn't feel any need to slow down or pay attention to where they were going, despite the fact that they were approaching a red light at a busy intersection with 40 cyclists and dozens of cars ahead of them. The cars involved pulled over and started yelling at all of us, saying it was our fault. Rather than arguing with pissed-off morons intent on blaming all of their problems on cyclists, I rode on and had a great ride. Our group split into about four smaller groups according to speed. Three other riders and I decided to cool off at mile 45 by jumping into Folsom Lake, fully clothed. Until you've ridden 17 miles in a wet chamois, you haven't lived.

5 Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easy

Five Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easy from Wired Magazine.


Zay getting rad.

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ManBabies.com - Dad?
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I've been reading fatcyclist.com for about two years now. Recently the blog's author and his wife found out that her cancer is likely going to kill her within a few months. If you have a few happy thoughts to give away, send them towards them and their family. If you have some kind words to share, I'm sure they'd accept them too. And if you have a few bucks you don't mind parting with, buy one of the pink jerseys that twin 6 made for Susan.


Today I made friends.

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phun with photoshop.


Amanda looks for Ah-nold

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Dog tired.

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