This wasn't a "bike accident"

A Chattanooga man died on Friday in what reporters are apparently calling a "bicycle accident." David Meek, a bike shop owner (cyclist, friend, husband and father) was killed when a truck passed him on the left so close that the passing truck caught on his bag and pulled him under. It is not evident that any bicycle accidents were involved. A bike accident is when a cyclist makes a mistake. This was a collision caused by a criminally negligent truck driver. When you get behind the wheel of a multi-thousand pound vehicle, it is your duty to control that vehicle in such a way as that it doesn't hurt or kill anybody else. This is no different than if a person wielding a chain saw decided to cut down a tree that another person was leaning on. Or a man wielding a gun decided to shoot into a crowd because he thought there was enough room for the bullet to get through. This wasn't a bike accident. Unfortunately it was JUST a cyclist. Not a cop. Not the mayor's daughter or wife. Not anybody the law cares about. So it'll just be labelled an "accident" and forgotten. story


California's State Capital w/ bikes

Amazing Race host to ride across America.

Phil Keogan, host of The Amazing Race is planning on riding his bike across America to inspire people to ride their bikes more. "I feel like where we're at in the economy, the bicycle is a pretty good solution to helping people's waistlines, wallets and the environment," Keoghan said....



Dave Zabriskie's house robbed.

They took EVERYTHING. His bikes, his cars, his trophies, his comic books, his electronics, everything. Even his underwear. More info here. Mr. Zabriskie just placed second in America's biggest bike race, the Tour of California. He is an amazing athlete and a nice guy to par so keep your eyes out for his stolen undies and report anything suspicious to the authorities. Lance Armstrong got his stolen bike back, let's make sure Dave gets his too.


60 days in jail for murder.

This guy was driving on the wrong side of the highway, passing cars on the wrong side, kills a cyclist, says "Oops, I didn't see it", and only gets 60 days in jail. Had it been a police officer on the side of the road that he killed, he would have received YEARS in the slammer, but for a cyclist... link


A bike lane that follows you around...

Neat idea, I'd love to try it out here in Sacramento. link


Fuel Cell Bicycle

Coming to the US later this year, a steal at only $3,000, as long as you can find a fueling station. link