Fuel Cell Bicycle

Coming to the US later this year, a steal at only $3,000, as long as you can find a fueling station. link


SiouxGeonz said...

I, too, don't "get" electric bikes, but I haven't tried one, either.... and I can't help but think that people who don't "get" endorphins shouldn't knock that 'til they've tried it, either.
"I'm not fat, I'm American!"

lemmiwinks said...

I "get" electric bikes because I used to use one. They're great transport while you're knocking yourself into shape. It's probably simpler down here because our laws mean that they're not very powerful whereas some of the bikes I used to see from the USA when I was on ebike mailing lists and forums were little more than lightweight motorcycles.

Having said that, hydrogen fuel cell anythings are a pointless waste of time. Hydrogen makes next to no sense at all in terms of energy inputs and it's highly unlikely that it ever will.

peteathome said...

Most electric bikes are actually electric-assist bicycles. They supply only part of the energy needed. They let even an in-shape bicyclist travel much farther without getting exhausted or horribly sweaty.

I use a Bionx electric assist for my transportation. In the modes I use, it's supply between 35% and 50% of my energy. I routinely travel 30+ miles a day for work. It's just too far and takes too long on a regular bicycle on a daily basis. Plus, in warm weather on a regular bicycle I have to change clothes at the end of each leg of my trips, which adds a lot more time to my trips.

Without the assist, I would use a car. But with the Bionx, I stay relatively sweat-free and travel a good bit faster ( 13 mph without, 18mph with, average trip time). I save a LOT of money over driving. And I still get a good work out. In fact, since I'm probably bicycling 3x more miles than I was without the Bionx, I feel I'm in even better shape than I was with a regular bicycle.

The main advantages of the hydrogen approach is less "battery" weight with farther trip distances between recharges and faster "recharges". Although the bike shown really is more of a moped instead of an assist bike.

But regardless of the technology, electric assist bicycles are remarkably efficient. This hydrogen bike is getting the equivalent to 2000 miles per gallon in terms of the energy it uses.

SMB tech geeks said...

I think it's pretty!

Anonymous said...