This wasn't a "bike accident"

A Chattanooga man died on Friday in what reporters are apparently calling a "bicycle accident." David Meek, a bike shop owner (cyclist, friend, husband and father) was killed when a truck passed him on the left so close that the passing truck caught on his bag and pulled him under. It is not evident that any bicycle accidents were involved. A bike accident is when a cyclist makes a mistake. This was a collision caused by a criminally negligent truck driver. When you get behind the wheel of a multi-thousand pound vehicle, it is your duty to control that vehicle in such a way as that it doesn't hurt or kill anybody else. This is no different than if a person wielding a chain saw decided to cut down a tree that another person was leaning on. Or a man wielding a gun decided to shoot into a crowd because he thought there was enough room for the bullet to get through. This wasn't a bike accident. Unfortunately it was JUST a cyclist. Not a cop. Not the mayor's daughter or wife. Not anybody the law cares about. So it'll just be labelled an "accident" and forgotten. story