A good commute.

Well I suppose I ought to write something as I haven't written anything about my life in some time. The truth is I've had bloggers block something fierce lately, compounded by long work hours and a series of uneventful commutes. Today's commute was delightfully different though. I left work around 6:15; charged by the still shining sun and mid 60s temperature, I decided to take a new way home, and headed the opposite direction on the bike trail. About five minutes in, I saw a rider up ahead that looked very much like my roommate. He recently purchased an Electra Amsterdam (a bike I've been lusting after since it's inception) and sure enough when I got closer, I realized it was, in fact, Zack on the 'dam. I grunted at him as I pulled alongside and he casually said, "what's up", completely unimpressed by our meeting there. I told him that I'd never taken that route before, so it was crazy that we ran into each other. We chatted as we rolled along and as we were approaching the golf-course a rider passing in the opposite direction said, "watch out for the coyote on the right!" Sure enough there was a coyote pacing next to the path on the golf course. We stopped to look at it and rider passing behind us said, "I wouldn't worry about him, he's hitting from the women's tee." We rode on through Sac State and I nearly ran over a HUGE brown snake that was crossing the road. Cutting through our neighborhood we passed a rather large Tom turkey being stalked by an equally burley tabby cat. All in all it was an interesting ride, and worth blogging about. For dinner we had corned-beef hash and cabbage, lovingly prepared by Zack. He was out on a short ride while the corned-beef cooked. For desert we had Big Spoon Yogurt. Mine was "tart" flavored yogurt (tastes like sweetened sour-cream!) with raspberries. They had goofy flavors like mint with caramel and gummy bears.