For those not in the know, the Great Divide mountain bike race is underway (it started friday). Jill (of Up in Alaska fame) is doing a lovely job of blogging about the event here. You can find a description of the route and event here, listen to podcasts about it here and check out the leaderboard here. From the website, "The Great Divide Race is a self-supported, solo competition following the 2,490-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Traversing Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, the route demands over 200,000 feet of climbing along it's length. Competitors carry all equipment necessary to negotiate the backcountry, restocking on food and other supplies from the small towns along the route." This year, several of the previous favorites have opted to race the Tour Divide instead, but the Great Divide is still quite the spectacle and feature's Jill's boyfriend Geoff who is currently in second place.