Amanda's other whip.

Amanda's other whip., originally uploaded by Dr. Logan.


Starving Haitians eating mud.

Horribly depressing story in the NY Times today about the lower class in Haiti who have resorted to eating mud to stave off starvation because of the recent rise in food prices. I would really like to do something to help.


Six Bikes, Two Locks...

...and the combined genius of six cyclists hopped up on cheap beer and chicken wings.


Waterboarding for Health and Pleasure

I returned from work in Las Vegas with raging allergies compounded by a cold. This was alarming because I normally barely notice the allergy season and I haven't been sick in a couple of years. I tried a few different medicines, none of which worked to clear my sinuses. I'd read about neti pots about a year ago and thought that one might just work in this case. I mentioned it to my roommate and he just happened to have one that he'd purchased years before. He pulled it out of storage and I gave it a whirl (after a thorough cleansing). Hooray and huzzah! It worked magically. My sinuses are as clear and empty as the space between K-Fed's ears. I've now started a routine of daily neti-potting and I feel like a million bucks. I highly recommend purchasing one if you suffer from any sinus discomfort.
PS - Isn't it indicative of our times that there exists on the internet an image of a cleavage wielding woman neti-potting?