Best Coffee Ever

Often times when I'm in a coffee shop I end up buying a fancy espresso drink because I get caught up in the hype; even though I know full well that I'll regret it and wish I'd just had a cup of coffee. This isn't a problem at Philz Coffee in San Francisco; Phil and his son serve only coffee. But this is no drip brew folgers. Each one of the featured coffees offered at Philz is the result of years and years of careful and deliberate bean mixing and roasting techniques. When you pick a blend, Phil or his son (who happen to be the only keepers of the uber-secret recipes) grinds and brews each cup by hand, utilizing an obviously home-made one-cup brewer device. If you're undecided about which to try, they're always eager to offer their two cents and unlike some proud roasters, they don't mind lacing your coffee up with some good, old-fashioned cream and sugar. And what does it taste like??? Imagine the richest, fullest-bodied cup of coffee you've ever had, but without the bitterness. The price is steep at $2.20-$3.00 a cup, but you get what you pay for. Just be aware of a few things: it is the mission district, so you're just as likely to be waiting in line with crack-heads as lawyers. Also, there always seems to be people walking around taking pictures which could just be due to Philz cult status, or maybe there's some truth to the rampant rumours of Philz other job as a loan-shark. Just make sure you pay for your coffee...

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