Project Rwanda

Project Rwanda is right up my alley - it combines three of my passions: Bicycles, coffee, and environmentalism. Started by Tom Richey in 2005, P.R. currently has five major stated goals:
1. Raise of awareness about Rwanda.
2. Special Bike Designs*
3. Bike Distribution
4. National Pride
5. General Fundraising

Number two is my favorite:
Special Bike Designs: Project Rwanda is actively engaged in the design, development and consults with implementation of special use bicycles to address specific needs within the country. Project Rwanda locates a foreign vendor to manufacture these bikes cost effectively for export to Rwanda (Landed cost approximately $100 - $200). In this role PR serves as a facilitator, consultant, designer and advisor regarding the entire scope of the project. A collaborating agency actual funds the purchase, delivery and distribution of the bikes. The first undertaking is for 2,000 special hauling long bikes for use by coffee farmers to haul their crop to the washing station collection point more quickly which increases the price they receive for the coffee cherries as this is a very time sensitive step. This project is in conjunction with the Texas A & M University and their Rwanda management team, USAID/SPREAD, which funded the actual cost of the bikes.

You can also buy their coffee and other goods and 90% of the money raised goes directly back into their projects.

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