I'm so glad I invented the internet.

So I finally have the internet set up in the house. All it took was Zack and Jordan spending three hours each on the phone with a cranky chola from comcast who was grudgingly walking them through the set-up. I'm so glad I can surf the internet again instead of just reading books. In the past two weeks I've read 1984, The Old Man and the Sea and a book about environmental entrepreneurship. What a waste of perfectly good web time. Whatever. I'm buying a Nightrider MiNewt lighting system for my bike. It's as bright as a car headlight but smaller and much more expensive. Most of my commute is on an unlit bike trail that's frequented by all manner of hobo and ne'er-do-well so a good light is mandatory. Last night I had a few drinks with Amanda, Zack, Jordan and two of Jordan's friends and I forgot to eat dinner, so I was miserable when I woke up (after too few hours of sleep). I was nodding off while riding to work and rode off the side of the trail a few times. I must have looked awesome to bystanders; red-eyed, swollen faced and swerving all over. Bad news.