I purchased the domain name killyourpc.com because I thought it was clever. Now I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?


mamafabun said...

Put it on Craigslist.

Fritz said...

Post an anti-technology screed on it, maybe with Ted K's manifesto available for download too. Maximize the irony of posting it to a (technlogy enabled) website.

lemmiwinks said...

You could host a download of microsoft products. Pretty much guaranteed to kill your pc.

Dr. Logan said...

Fritz - I was thinking the same thing, something about how the tv used to be the worst time/intellect suck around, but now the personal computer is.

Lemmiwinks - also a good idea. I use a mac and I like it fine, but I don't care enough about it to go that route. I think somebody should buy the name from me and do that though.

reverend dick said...

Computer the worst time suck- yes. Intellect suck- huh? The difference between the mediums (one anyway) is that YOU choose your content. Why are y'all hating? Maximize irony of you fellas talking out both sides of your mouths on a commputer...that's not irony, that's self loathing. No thanks. I like my computer and the potential for seeing and learning about cool stuff..like bikes, parts, rides, tech know-how,pretty pictures...c'mon. You should put that name in your pipe, smoke it, and go ride your bike.
It is only what you make it.

Fritz said...

Rev, you're waaay too serious. Lighten up a little and enjoy the Doc's blog and the comments.

Dr. Logan said...

Yow. I was thinking more of the number one utilized website in the country, myspace. Other top 20s: facebook

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get some intellectual stimulation at neopets.com

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