$4 Gas By Spring

According to the New York Times, drivers can look forward to $4 gas by Spring. That bicycle looking better yet??? You can get a KHS Green commuter bike with rack for only 68 gallons of gas. Or a fully loaded Novara Transfer for only 150 gallons. Hell, you could get a Surly Pugsley on ebay for 300 gallons and ride accross Alaska like Jill!


lemmiwinks said...

I did some sums a couple of days ago on Mellow Velo's blog, basically here in Australia petrol is nearly $5US per gallon anyway and has been for a few years. People will go without to drive their cars.

A friend of mine goes to Fiji once a year to do charitable work and he tells me that the average daily wage is about $15-$20, and petrol is about $1.60 per litre which is more expensive than in Australia. It doesn't discourage those that can afford a car though!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that the mark of the beast is a gas-card.

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