Cyclist shoots would-be attacker.

A 56 year old man was attacked by a group of young men while riding his bike. One of them knocked him off the bike, so he pulled out a gun and shot the attacker. Perhaps his friends will think twice about attacking strangers in the future. Full story here.


Fritz said...

Oh my.

lemmiwinks said...

I'll bet the guy was terrified, but a human life is a human life. It doesn't sound like he was shooting to kill (1 arm, 1 abdomen) so maybe he should just be charged with manslaughter.

KM has some interesting and pertinent thoughts on the issue of untrained private citizens packing.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you this guy wasn't a concealed carry permit holder. Detroit is a rough city, and I think I'd carry a gun whether I had a permit or not if I lived there.

As to KM---studies have shown that citizens who carry firearms have a higher hit percentage than police do. Anyone who has a concealed carry permit has received some training, as it's part of the process. As someone who carries a firearm, and has done so for 17 years, I will say that I practice more than most big city police.