Cop attacks cycist at critical mass.

Story here. So now this 22 year old officer is out a job, the cyclist's rights have been violated, and it all could have been avoided. Sigh.



Ezra, flickr star and bike builder extraordinaire found out that he has cancer. It's benign, and everyone is confidant he'll have it whipped in no time, but he could probably use all the positive vibes you care to throw his way, especially because he's not allowed to ride his bike for a while.


Dan Osmond.


Homemade California Rolls.

A cyclist's gotta eat.



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regarding Starbucks:

A poster @ boingboing.net left this comment about starbucks which I think is about the most eloquent piece of writing I've ever read:

"I despise Starbucks and their patrons. Starbucks is a fashion botique (sic) that markets burnt water as liquid jewelry, usually to SUV drivers."


The HoneyBike Project

A device that tracks and electrocutes bike thieves. I'll take two.


Steamboat Springs Waterfall


Five Easy Pieces.

One of my favorite movie scenes.

Too much smoke.

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This smoke is killing my buzz.

Between the 105 degree weather and the pea-soup smoke, I'm over it. Seriously; 1,781 fires in California this season with 322 still active and blowing smoke into my life from every angle, it's oppressive. I've refrained from doing any long or fast riding for the passed two weeks or so and I'm getting cabin fever. Fortunately I'll be in Colorado all next week in the fabulous clean air of Steamboat Springs where I'll be able to breath again.


Regarding Youtube commenters

The youtube.com commenter as a species has got to be the angriest, least intelligent, most bullying and belligerent collection of souls that ever was. That's all.



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Thor Hushovd his way to the finish for the win

It's worth noting that the winner of today's TDF stage (the second stage for those without a calculator watch) is none other than Thor Hushovd, a fellow Norwegian and full-time Viking. Proving once again that a full training schedule of raping and pillaging is still the best way to improve your sprinting.


Cyclist shoots would-be attacker.

A 56 year old man was attacked by a group of young men while riding his bike. One of them knocked him off the bike, so he pulled out a gun and shot the attacker. Perhaps his friends will think twice about attacking strangers in the future. Full story here.