Pink "Fat Cyclist" Socks.

Just ordered four pairs of "Team Fatty" socks from Twin Six. Proceeds go towards two excellent causes; the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Fat Cyclist's wife Susan's treatments. I would have ordered a jersey for myself and Amanda but I'm not nearly cool (or fast) enough to rock a pink jersey and I'm not sure it would go over well if I bought a jersey for my girlfriend that said, "Fat" anything. Pink socks, on the other hand - Oh yeah.

In other news - On my way home from work tonight I was cruising over the bridge (pedestrians and cyclists share an elevated walkway as there is no shoulder) and I was stuck behind a pedestrian with earphones on for about 3 minutes. He was walking slowly and rocking out, enough so that he missed my yelling, whistling and light flashing. I thought about squirting him with my water bottle but he looked back and moved aside right as I unsheathed it. Next time...

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