Shocking News Story

"Dana Thomson gets some strange looks when she goes to school in Winterville." This is the opening sentence in a story from the Associated Press today. Why does she get strange looks you might ask? Does she have an extra arm? No eyes? A robot for a pet? No, even weirder and more shocking.
"That's because the kindergartner at W.H. Robinson Elementary rides her bike. "
"Her mother Deborah rides along with her and says the half-mile trip takes less time than waiting in a line of cars."
"Dana's trip to school is the exception but some groups want to make it more common."
Yeah, some commie pinko fag hippy groups!
"Pitt County Schools special projects coordinator Alice Keene works to encourage people to walk or bike with their children to school. She says the extra physical activity will help children."
Okay, I'll stop the sarcasm but seriously, is it so bizarre these days for a kid to ride a bike to school that it necessitates a story in the AP? Perhaps this is why 1 in 5 children is overweight or obese and 7 out of 10 adults are too...?

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