Had the day off yesterday so Amanda and I went down to my sister's house in Sacramento to hang out with her and the kids. We all took a walk to the local La Superior for some horchata, then poked around the Salvation Army next door for vintage coffee mugs which my sis collects. Found this radical little number, a coffee mug with pictures of coffee mugs in the glaze. Sort of a mind trip, no? Okay maybe not. When the kids went down for a nap Amanda and I headed downtown and rode around old Sac, eventually making our way to Mr. Pickles where we indulged in some turkey sandwiches and their garlic fries which we'd heard were amazing and only available at this particular Mr. Pickles location. Well it went like this: the woman who made our sandwiches was in a funk, and when we ordered the fries, she seemed to resent us for it, and I briefly worried about her violating our fries somehow, but figured, who does that. Well the fries arrived at our table and to our surprise, they were crisscuts instead of shoestrings, and holy cow they had a lot of garlic. I wondered if she had dumped extra garlic sauce on the fries in a fit of rage, but ate them anyway. Moments later the manager walked past our table and exclaimed, "Holy cow, you guys must like garlic ALOT!" He smiled and walked away before we managed to say anything. We didn't pursue the subject further as they were in the middle of a rush, but I'm pretty sure she was giggling to herself as she watched us eat the amazingly garlicky mess she had created for us. Oh well, they were delicious. Then to burn some of those calories we took a long meandering ride through some of the beautiful houses downtown. After riding and eating and riding more we headed back up 70 to home and watched Stranger than Fiction starring Will Farrell and a soundtrack co-written by Britt Daniel of Spoon.

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