Another predictably unpredictable commute.

So I didn't think the wind I experienced on my way to work was "squall" like per se, but it was quite windy and to my advantage no less. I smashed my previous commute time by at least a minute or two, averaging about 22 mph on the way there. I'm starting to think that crazies enjoy wacky weather though because I'll tell you; they were out in full force today. I had not one, not two, but three bearded-wierdos mumble indecipherably at me as I cruised past them; one of them made a half-assed attempt at swatting me. So that was good. The ride home was fun too. Pretty fierce headwind to start; I'm prone to ear-aches and I'm suffering a mild one right now as a result of forgetting my ipod at home. I normally have it with me even when I'm not listening to it; the earbuds keep wind out of my ears and deter passers-by from harassing me, at least in theory. Actually, maybe I always get mumbled at like I did today, I just don't hear it. In any case I was yelled at on the ride home as well. First I was cruising over the bridge (it's dark mind you, 9:45pm) and all of a sudden I was surrounded by BATS!!! They swarmed at me from their haunt under the bridge and one hit the top of my helmet. He clung on for a moment then retreated to his buddies where they all laughed and clinked beers. I almost swerved into traffic but managed to get control just in time to pass an oncoming rider who yelled, "f***ing bastard!" Or at least I thought he did, until I suddenly found myself 10 feet away from a decrepit mattress which was blocking the entire bike lane. I did an emergency stop and pulled my front wheel off the ground; my back wheel caught and I lurched forward, almost losing a testi in the process. After checking for damage I moseyed on. I think he might have actually yelled "f***ing mattress!" Anther part of my ride takes me over an overpass. On the way down I reach about 25-30mph before hooking a quick left onto a short bike trail. Well tonight there was a family of skunks waiting for me at the head of the trail and I had to do another fast stop which left me staring down the barrel of one of their stinkers. Fortunately I had already been slowing down for a gate ahead or I might have run right over one or two of them. The family let their tails hang in the air just long enough to assert their supremacy of the trail before scurrying into a drainpipe, leaving me slightly twitchy but otherwise okay. Other than that, same old bike ride.

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Anonymous said...

Bats and skunks . . . Greeeen Acres is the place to beeeee.
- infoerica