Attempted murder is okay if you use a car.

Sometimes there's no amount of caution that will keep you from being hit while on your bike. In Des Moines this morning, a driver deliberately hit a cyclist that was riding on the sidewalk. The driver was heading in the opposite direction and flipped an illegal U-turn, drove up onto the sidewalk and ran over the cyclist. He is only being charged with willful injury. I must be missing something. If I was walking down the street, saw someone I dissaproved of, went out of my way to get behind him and stabbed him in the neck, I think I would be charged with attempted murder at least. And of course there are people writing in to the newspaper to talk about what losers cyclists are, and how they deserve what they get. Here's a diagram of the crime scene. And a picture of Robert Brett Kleiber, the murderous, poster-child for birth-control that perpetrated the crime.


Anonymous said...

The cops are just as guilty as the driver if that's all they're charging him with.

Matt said...

I've never been to Des Moines. But it seems strange that 13th street is at both ends of the block.

He must have wanted to turn on 13th street, saw he was coming up on 13th street, and realized he'd gone too far. So he pulled a U turn to get back to 13th street.

It must be a confusing place for both drivers and bicyclists.

Anonymous said...

So confusing that he drove on the sidewalk for half a block, ran over the cyclist without noticing and drove away again? Yeah, you're right, probably.

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