A ride around the Buttes.

Zack and I rode around the Sutter Buttes. All the way around the entire mountain range. It sounds pretty cool unless you know that it's the smallest mountain range in the world, so our whole trip was 41 miles. Not terribly long but it was 110 degrees Fahrenheit when we started and 105 when we finished. The heat sucked, but we also forgot to eat anything substantial before the ride and we both got too little sleep the night before, so all in all, it was good but could have been better. At least we stayed hydrated. I've concluded that my saddle is completely worthless; I think a lava rock would make a preferable perch. After the ride and subsequent recovery period we went to Mountain Mike's Pizza in Marysville for a pizza and pints. The pizza was good but the place was too wierd: glaring supermarket style lights overhead, big-screen TV playing death-metal music videos the whole time, a hundred little kids running around screaming and punching the vending machines and employees who clearly hated their jobs. We ended up boxing up the pizza and going to Casa to meet up with Amanda. She was still working so we ate flan and drank coffee until she was off. Then we all went our separate ways and I went to sleep feeling good and tired; in that order.

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