First day at work

Today was my first day at the outdoor sports co-op where I'm now employed. I think I'm going to enjoy the job very much. Unfortunately I wasn't able to try out the showers and lockers today because I couldn't ride. We're in the process of renting a house a few miles from the job, but it's slow going. Until we get moved in I have to drive down from Marysville so I rented a compact car for the commute. I thought I might actually be relieved to be in a car instead of a bike since the weather's been patchy but the drive is soooooo boring. I found myself switching between heavy metal and raucous Mexican music just to keep myself awake. Of course, my tiredness could also be a result of the fact that I was up until past 3AM vomiting because I got food poisoning from Amanda's restaurant. I felt okay when I awoke at 7, but by about 1PM I was getting drowsy, and even a vente cup of dark-roast crap coffee from STAR$ didn't help. Anywho, I'm off to nap.