Why do you ride?

photo by rune

I've asked this question of a million people, because I'm constantly impressed by people's reasons. I have about a million of my own. I'll list some of my reasons and some answers I've received from others in the past:

Because driving to work is dreadful and riding is not.

Good health is a terrible thing to waste.

I don't even know what gas prices are, but I know I don't want to pay them.

It makes my butt look good.

Oil is for sissies.

I never have to diet.

I like wearing bike shorts.

The easy way is seldom the best way...

I don't want to smell like gas.

Why do you ride?


Anonymous said...

Because cars are for fat people.

lemmiwinks said...

Because I freakin' love it baby!

Anonymous said...

So I can keep drinkng lots of beer.

Derisory Velo said...

It's easier to lose a pursuing policeman.

Anonymous said...

Getting there fast and with style.

Feeling the endorphin high.

Belonging to a mobile virtual gym that pays me.

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