Life in the Gas lane.

I'm going on two weeks of commuting to work in a car now. We're moving into a house in a nice neighborhood close to the American River Trail and downtown Sacramento, but it's not available until the first, so I have a few more days to go. Driving wouldn't be so bad, except for a few things:
1. I have to rent a car, so it's EXPENSIVE. I'm used to paying $0 a month, now I have rental fees and $3.15/gallon gas. I don't like it.
2. It's an hour each way. That's two fewer hours I have each day to do things I don't hate. Like riding my bike. Or not driving.
3. Drivers around here suck. I suppose they suck elsewhere too, but I don't have to deal with those drivers. These ones are fond of riding your ass for miles until they pass you just so they can ride the ass of the car right in front of you.
4. I'm riding my bike less. Ironically driving a car for two hours a day wears me out! By the time I drive to Sac, work, and drive home again, I'm wiped. I just want to lay out on the couch and drool on myself.
5. I work with cool people who DO commute by bike. So now I'm the asshole that commutes by myself and smells like pine tree air-fresheners and vinyl.
6. Driving gives me baditude and I have nothing to blog about!
If anyone is still reading this, rest assured I'll be back to my normal perky self in one weeks time. If you're not reading this, I'll still be back to myself, so it's a win-win.

In related news: I have a bicycle news ticker on my homepage that displays, amongst other things, frequent reports of cyclist deaths at the hands of irresponsible and inattentive drivers. This week in particular has been quite depressing with several avoidable deaths including those of a 12 year-old girl, an 18 year old Amish boy and bicycle-safety advocate Lee Anne Barry. After being seriously injured when hit by a car at age 5, Mrs. Barry had to relearn to walk and talk and ride a bike. She was on her fourth bicycle trek across the country in a ride called the B.I.G. Ride Tour when she was struck and killed by an SUV. She started the nonprofit tour in 2001 to raise awareness about helmet use and head injuries. B.I.G stands for Brain Injuries Greatest.

Be careful out there.