DUI driver sentenced to 19 years in prison for death of Palo Alto cyclist.

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Santa Clara County Judge Rise Jones Pichon gave 19 years in prison to a Fremont felon today who capped a meth binge by lethally smashing his Oldsmobile head-on into an engineer who was spinning his bike through the sunny Palo Alto Hills.Court records allege that Chevelle Bailey was high on methamphetamine and alcohol when his car hit John Peckham, a Mountain View amateur bike racer, on Old Page Mill Road at an estimated 60 to 90 mph.Witnesses told police that Bailey opened a beer after the crash and said: 'I thought I was going to die, but I got out of the car like a soldier, cracked a beer and downed it.'

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Bikepacker said...

With any luck this sumbitch will contract AIDS while behind bars.