Yet another reason that cars suck.

My grandparents were visiting in November and we went out to eat at a restaurant in Yuba City. Afterwards I was driving back into Marysville over the 10th St. bridge and was pulled over. I had no idea why I was being pulled over, as I wasn't breaking any laws. The officer was amazingly rude and after badgering me about not producing my info fast enough he took his sweet time writing me a speeding ticket saying I was traveling at 60+ MPH over the bridge. He then badgered me about my signature, saying it didn't look like my name. Then he grumpily told me to stay where I was until he was gone and he drove away. Had I been speeding I would have chalked it up to bad luck and moved on with my life; I'm quick to admit when I've made a mistake, but I hadn't. I contested the ticket, payed my bail and waited for months for my court date, which was today. After waiting through an hours worth of trials and listening to the group of police officers giggling in the corner every time a guilty verdict was awarded my name was called. The officer and I were sworn in and he gave his version of events. The "proof" that I was speeding: he paced me. When he was done, I gave my version of events and pointed out the following:
- I don't speed, hence my clean record.
- I especially don't speed over that bridge, because I got a speeding ticket there in highschool.
-I was behind a group of cars, and we were all stopped at the light in front of the bridge, so we would have all had to burn rubber getting up to 60+ MPH in that short stretch.
-I don't freaking speed.
I said I don't know why he chose to pull me over, perhaps he mistook me for someone else, misread his speedometer, etc. I wasn't freaking speeding. He said the court finds me guilty, end of story, would you like traffic school. !@#$%^??!!!!! This is proof beyond a reasonable doubt? This is why I'm not interested in working in our legal system grandpa.

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mamafabun said...

Sorry. That's worse than after I got my only traffic violation ever, and the highway patrolman said, "So, you drive down this road often?"