hummus, hummus, hummus!

Max and I had a dinner date tonight so I made us a meal inspired by those served at Cafe Yumm in Oregon. I prepared cilantro brown rice, black beans with lime and a chipotle hummus sauce. I made the sauce this morning following my normal hummus recipe but I added two chipotle peppers (seeded and stemmed) and a dash of paprika, then stirred in about two tablespoons of EVOO and some nutritional yeast, thus producing a variation of the recipe for chipotle Yumm sauce. Then we spooned some beans and rice onto our plates and topped it off with the sauce, a squeeze of lime, a garnish of cilantro and a few slices of avocado. It was delish. We also bought some skinny cow ice-cream sandwhiches earlier so we're set for the night.


mamafabun said...

That sounds yumm. And don't ever say "EVOO" again. Rachel Ray. Bah!

mamafabun said...

PS> I'm forcing myself to use up that extra-fine nutritional yeast I bought.