Ghetto/bootleg Latte

Several news sources have reported recently the fact that some people order a double-espresso in a large cup at starbucks and then add a few ounces (as many as 20 ounces) of milk or cream at the condiments counter, thereby creating a luke-warm latte. Further, these people then aparently microwave the drink at their home or office.

full story here

I started to write a lengthy post on the legal, moral and financial implications involved in ghetto lattes, but it boils down to one thing: starbucks espresso isn't very good when it's fresh, so after you douse it in milk and microwave it, it's just plain bad. Save yourself the time and trouble and spend it finding a good, local coffee roaster and a decent coffee machine so you can make your own fresh coffee at home. Add a splash of milk and you've got a much tastier and healthier and less shady alternative to your ghetto latte. Worried about time? Take a single-cup brewer or a french-press to work with you. Stop the insanity, what you save in money you lose in taste and self-respect.

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