dahon bikes

I've always been interested in Dahon bikes as folding bikes are a great idea and Dahon has a pretty good grasp on them. I own a Dahon S1 which is a discontinued single-speed-commuter that they made for a while; Amanda gave it to me for my birthday last year and we take it on vacations along with hers. They continue their tradition of excellence with a couple new bike models that I think are very impressive: the Smooth Hound is a miniature bike, which means it looks like a normal bike but features 20" wheels and folds flat. It's also a classy, italian inspired road bike with a Brooks B17 saddle and bar tape and vintage, two-tone racing paint job. All this can be yours for the low low price of $849. The Tournado is a full sized, steel road-bike that breaks in half and can be packed away in 15 minutes to take with you in the car and the plane without paying additional airline fees. It also comes dressed in Brooks and additionally features an ultegra drivetrain, making it a steal at $1,999. You can see these and their other fine models at Dahon's website.

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