It's my day off and I don't know what to do. This was never a problem when I was a kid. I think I'll go for a bike ride. My computer has shipped and I am biting my nails in anticipation. Having blown my entire nest-egg on this computer I'm having to reign in my new-bike plans, now I'm thinking something under 1k. Requirements: steel, fender/rack mounts, upright position possible, fat-tire compatible, 650b would be nice but not likely to happen for me, moustache bar would also be a plus but that could come later. I think that's it. The sad thing is that I just described any road-bike from the 40s until the 90s. I'd love to find the perfect bike on ebay; for like $20. Here's another girl on bike picture for your viewing pleasure.


Fritz said...

So get out and ride already :-)

mamafabun said...

Maybe you should have visited your only nephews. Duh.

Amanda said...

Nice Picture