Fatcat - you will be missed.

Fatcat, the cat who adopted me as it's owner many months ago was stolen in a brazen, daylight robbery on St. Patrick's day. Suspects include the cat's actual owners, my neighbors, who moved yesteday. The cat was last seen laying on the bed that I purchased for her after gorging on the expensive cat food and treats that I loving fed to her. She is grey with white streaks and has hazel eyes. Fatcat answers to Fatcat or Greycat. Also answers to Tummy, but only when Isaiah says it. Fatcat, you will be missed. Every time I walk out the front door without stepping on you I'll think of you.

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Erica said...

For a cat that didn't actually live here, FatCat was a (somewhat) welcome addition to the menagery at our ranchero.

Technically, Isaiah called her "Belly" because of her belled collar.