spam sandwhich

I had 7 emails today, two of which were spam and the third a message from my dear friend Danio. Danio is currently residing in China where he teaches English language classes and gets engaged. Danio's emails are always a treat, and he typically concludes them with wonderful questions for me to answer in my next email. My favorite from this email is:

What's you favorite shirt (living or dead)?

The spam emails were also intersting, and I have no idea what purpose they serve. The text from the messages read as follows:

Spam 1: "I havent the slightest idea since it was never conveyed to the This was greeted by cries of enthusiasm and we replied with nods, detector away and turned to face us and handed me a key. all, white-clad and standing firmly erect. But his face was wrinkled being grated together. Your shoes contain molebind projectors . saints who had accomplished so much good. You can find it-now. Our timing was pretty good. The wave of good feeling and energy was reformed drug addicts and we must think and feel that way. Someday, if Understandable, Admiral, since it was found to grow unstable with enthusiasm we played two more numbers before I called a break. Get out of there and get behind me, I called over my shoulder. And the loathsome details re Liokukae, let you see what information we Yes, great, I agreed. But I looked back to make sure the porters we believe him when he shovels a lot of bushwah about the artifact? Do"

Spam 2: "this nonsense. What are you playing at bastardacoj? I shouted; Humane torture to Im Ljotur, Sergeant of the Guard. You all take it easy while I call loud voice that slashed the silence. a speech occulter. unhappily and tragically turned out to be Liokukae. explosion was tied in with the theft; sixty-seven percent. What on, get started. Did red mean off, stop? Maybe. But what about white Then I was batted from the air. As big as he was-Iron John was just the bottom of the pond as soon as your bones heal. Svinjar, more Thanks, I said, as he gave my hand a good crushing handshake. And quizzical manner. I took slight umbrage. all of it too loud. In the end I turned off the sound and watched the One of the guards dropped but the other one, with a stronger neck, Floyds help. And stopped. Museum? I inquired offhandedly. I simply love museums. cultures of the union-"

Now, in both cases the text appears to be randomly copied from books or stories of some sort; perhaps included in the emails to foil spam-filters, but why THIS text and why not let it make sense? Bizarre. I also had a forwarded email from my mom with "cool balloon art". The above image was included in the email. The balloon girl is incredibly realistic.

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