driving school

I just completed online driving school. I took the class to avoid getting a point on my record as a result of the speeding ticket I recieved when I wasn't speeding back in November after eating dinner with my grandparents. I took the class through easyonlinetrafficschool.com and it was a breeze. All of the questions were common sense questions with the exeption of the "Speed Racer" questions. Interjected into the text I was supposed to be reviewing were dozens of random facts about Speed Racer including his pet's name, favorite food (sour-cream and cheese nachos), etc. and there were corresponding questions on the final. I circumvented this potential pain in the ass by scanning for the name and then reading those parts. The whole shebang from start to finish took about 30 minutes so it was relatively painless. That said, I wasn't speeding so I shouldn't have had to bother. This is one of many reasons to ride a bike.


Fritz said...

Online traffic school?? Wow. The last time I had a ticket and went to traffic school (almost 20 years ago) it was an all day deal in a classroom.

Dr. Logan said...

Yup, last time I had to attend was in high school and it was the same way.