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You know, despite what one might assume due to my fairly frequent bitching, I really enjoy my ride to and from work. There are many days when my riding keeps me sane. Today was one of those days. When life hands you lemons, ride your bike. I once had a discussion with some fellow cyclists about all the various reasons why people should ride bikes. I wrote down the best answers and they are as follows, as stated by my friends:

Because I have better things to spend my money on than gasoline!
Because the sweat on my shirt looks like a Rorschach ink-blot test.
I don't have to pay for a gym membership.
because it's fun.
Because they're sitting in traffic on Lake Shore Drive, and I'm doing 20 up the Lakeside bike path :)
Because for just an hour or two I can completely separate myself from all the crazy thoughts in my head and think about nothing but turning the pedals.
because fixing a broken spoke is a whole lot cheaper than fixing a broken axle.
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because dusting a bus on a 5% grade hill really gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
because i love it more than anything else ever.
Because a bell is much cuter than a horn.
Because a car in bright blue with chrome and white detail would most likely look absurd.
Because my calves look awesome.
Because my curly hair doesn't get the same windblown/ridiculous effect from the a/c.
Because gas is going up to $4 this summer.
Because making conversation while riding separate bikes is much easier than making conversation while driving separate cars.
Because biker chicks are hottestest!
because this morning on my way to work, i had the unique opportunity to play chicken with a chicken.
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I ride becuase I know quiet places(road biking) where I can get away from it all.
Nothing like clippin along at 23MPH on my carbon/aluminum Crotch Rocket,knowing the only "fuel" I'm burning is my own energy!
Bicycling is also a FAR more efficient way to travel
1. Beacause I don't half to wait for a once-an-hour bus.
Parking is always free and easy to find
(did someone already say this?)

Why I ride bike. Well, why not?

- To save money on gasoline

- to be ecologically and socially responsible for not
- emitting toxins
- supporting the exploitation of natural resources
- supporting the internationally chaotic oil industry

- great for physical health

- great for mental and spiritual health

- to immerse myself in my environment

- to have a hobby that makes my day more interesting

- to challenge myself to go farther/longer

the list goes on and on........
I ride because it is good for the environment, cheap, and makes my ass look great! oh ya - and I love the wind through the hair, fresh air, single track trails and hot bike mechanics.
1. because even after a 9 hr work day of welding and then 3 hrs of welding school I can get on my bike and go as fast and as hard as I can and still have the energy to try and go faster and harder.
2. because there is no joke, but it makes me giggle sometimes.
3. because if everybody rode for an hour a day the world would be a TOTALLY different place. Once my wife asked, sort of in an argument, (we dont really argue) "What, you think the worlds problems would be solved if everybody would ride bikes!?" and it took me by surprise cause I didn't think I was making that point, but I had to stop and think for a second and my answer was "Yes."
4. cause I may be 6' 2" and 165 but I'm still just a kid on a bannana seat schwinn takin sweet jumps made out of plywood and cinderblocks.........................inside.
5. I feel sexy in my pedal pushers.
It keeps me young and thin ;)
because livin life is easier at my bikes rpm's rather than at the rpm's of the internal combustion engine...
SO that my kids have strong, healthy parents to look up to.
All the above! And almost 50% of the US Trade Deficit is due to imported oil.
1) I'm car-free and loving every minute of it! All the money NOT spent on gasoline, insurance, and upkeep CAN be spent on more important things in life, like pizza, chocolate, and more bike stuff.

2) Riding syncronizes my mind, body, and spirit. I want to live forever!

3) I dig the natural killer buzz I get after a solid ride.

Aaaaaahhhhh ... the FREEDOM!!

no schedules, no connections, no traffic jams, no gas pumps...

and it keeps me grounded - I have to be just aware enough of my surroundings that I'm relaxed but not spaced out.

and I get to meet other cool cyclists.

It's cheap and efficient.

It's a conveyance that you can learn how to repair with just one book!

You can carry a bicycle. And you can have all your tools with you when there is a problem.

It's good for the health.

The adventures.

The thrill.
because cars suck.

It's good for my heart
It's good for my waist
It's good for my wallet
It's good for my planet
It's good for my head

Because you see things that you would otherwise miss if you were stuck inside a metal box.


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