Fort Bragg yo!

Fort Bragg is treating us well so far. Last night we went to our favorite eatery/beer drinkery in the world, Piaci Pub & Pizzaria. Featuring dozens of local beers and wines and the most delicious gourmet pizza in the universe, Piaci is always our first stop in Fort Bragg and often our last as well. Today we went to MacKerricher State Park and walked through the trees and to the beach for some good old fashioned tide-pooling and anenomie poking. For lunch we had Salmon/Chicken terijaki bowls at Taka's and tried mushroom ice-cream at Cowlick's Handmade before settling on Ginger Chunk (the shroom tasted like pralines, good but too sweet). Now we're relaxing on our balcony, overlooking the harbor. So far so good.

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mamafabun said...

Ginger Chunk ice cream sounds grubbin'. Bring me some. I'm sure it won't melt on the drive. Or better yet, freeze-dry it like the astronauts.