of rides and wonderbikes

I went on a long and rambliing bike ride east on Earl Rd. and into a number of the new subdivisions in that area. While I realize it's kind of silly to ride around in a bunch of houses, there is a method to my madness. First, I've ridden everywhere else in the area, so cut me some slack. Second, the roads are all brand new and shiny, and much of the area is still being built, meaning there isn't much traffic. And C, shut up. What struck me aside from how similiar (read: similiarly atrocious) all the houses looked in any given neighborhood, was that the developers didn't even bother to help fix up or buyout the broken down slums and shacks they're building next to. In some areas they were litterally building five and six bedroom McMansions across the street from upside-down cars and decepit apartments. It was a nice ride though and at one point I got cat-called by a construction worker, so that's hot.

On another note, I joined the Team Wonderbike today. Team Wonderbike is New Belgium Brewing Company's bike commuter club. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Do the neighborhoods have McBike Lanes yet? - Erica

Jake said...

Hey, I see you have joined the Wonderbike Crew with New Belgium. I am working on a story for one of my classes on this topic and was wondering if you had any wild stories about commuting by bike. If you are interested in doing a short email/instant message interview shoot me an email at scissorkick3@gmail.com