naked druggies

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ha. I work across the street from a shady motel. We have windows facing that motel so we often pine away the hours making up stories about the druggies and ne'er-do-wells that occupy the place. There's one gal in particular that we often comment on; she is sickly thin, has platinum blonde, dirty, short hair that sticks up in every direction and has several looks: biker, skater, slut, and druggie. Oh, and a GIANT TATTOO ON HER FOREHEAD. She rocks it too, doesn't try to cover it with her hair. Though no one has been close enough to read it, we think it says, "Billy", so that's what we call her. When I got to work I was debriefed and learned that Billy was picked up at the hotel this morning by an ambulance. Later in the day a customer mentioned that she'd seen a naked woman down the road, pointing towards the hospital a few blocks away. I walked to the window and looked in the direction she indicated and seconds later Billy came walking down the street, naked as the day she was born, cool, calm and collected. She proceeded to the stoplight and pushed the walk button and waited casually for the light to turn while a woman who was also at the corner grabbed her small child by the hand and jogged in the other direction. Billy then proceeded the cross the road several times nearly causing numerous traffic accidents (it was rush hour on the busiest street in Marysville) until I called the police and they showed up to take her away. The moral of the story.... don't do drugs. Bikes are my anti-drug.

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