I want an AirZound Horn

Some time ago I read about the Delta AirZound Bike Horn. I looked it up on amazon and added it to my wish list. I saw one in SF today and when I got home I looked at it online again, and this time I noticed this review by Patrick S. Pope "Scott Pope" (Chicago, IL):

"Extremely Loud, Bulky

As a consummate cyclist of Chicago, Boston and New York, I have experienced the dangers of urban riding for nearly fifteen years. Not being seen or heard leads to many hazardous, and sometimes life threatening, situations. The Air Zound horn will announce your presence to any driver of any vehicle, including eighteen wheelers and Brinks armored cars, within a city block. However, at 115 decibels, riders run the risk of being ticketed by the police. But more importantly, unleashing the Air Zound horn can inspire road rage. Clearly, this is not for alerting pedestrians or drivers of vehicles in non-emergency situations.

The Air Zound horn achieves its intended purpose. Be aware, however, you could seriously upset drivers, residents, and police in the vicinity. This potential danger leads to one of my main arguments against the design. Delta chose not to employ consumable gas cartridges, presumably to save the user money. However, I doubt this horn could be frequently implemented without the rider getting arrested or assaulted. Hence, it should be seen and used as an emergency tool powered by a compact CO2 cartridge....

In summary, the Air Zound horn is an incredibly loud bicycle horn for unique situations. If you can tolerate the size and exposure to animosity from police and civilians alike, use it with care."

Now I really want one! So buy it for me using this link to my wishlist. My Amazon.com Wish List

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Fritz said...

You can have mine. It's a waste of handlebar space.