Why I'm a damn cyclist.

People are almost always surprised to find out that I ride my bike to work/errands/etc. instead of driving a car. The question I'm asked most frequently is WHY? I always pause before answering, hoping that, given a second, they'll think of at least one of the thousands of compelling reasons why one might choose to ride a bike. So far, no one has, but I'll keep trying. Most of the time I'll try and cater my answer to the person asking the question. For instance: if the person is gym-rat or otherwise health conscious I'll mention the hundreds of calories burned, muscles earned and endorphins released during every ride. If they're frugal zealots or simply poor like myself I might tout the potential for saving hundreds of dollars a month. If they're thinkers I'll talk about the beauty, rich history, efficiency and simplicity of the bicycle. And if they're conservationists I'll mention the fact that cars are a completely gratuitous evil. And I always add that it's also a helluva time. I'm almost always smiling when I'm on my bike. With the myriad reasons for riding a bike, I'm never at a loss no matter who I'm talking to and yet, most of the time I'm still met with a blank stare. In a few cases people have agreed that yes, that sounds good, maybe I should try it, but that's about as far as it goes. Other people just end the discussion by telling me I'm crazy. But if I'm crazy, then sane is over-rated. Peace, I'm out. I've got a bowl of steamed edamame calling my name.

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