I'm on a baking kick.

Amanda and I have been watching the Sopranos on DVD recently. We're on season three right now. Yesterday she called from work and suggested that we watch a few episodes when she got off. Encouraged by the successful peach-muffins I'd baked for my BBQ on the 4th, I decided to make pizza from scratch (Sopranos, pizza... get it?). I found a recipe for dough and assembled it, made some pizza sauce while it was rising, punched it down, preheated the oven, threw it all together and bang: A lovely asparagus and onion pizza (with half-cheese for the picky-missus). When she got here she was pleased as punch and ended up eating the asparagus side anyway. Soooo, today when I was watching the Tour de France highlights, I decided to bake another themed recipe... FRENCH bread. I found a recipe that looked good, made my dough and waited for it to rise. While it was rising I took advantage of the already messy kitchen and made a batch of peanut-butter & chocolate cookies; also from scratch. I took them out of the oven and ate three of them while forming my loaf and then went for a walk while it rose again. Got home, threw it in the oven, waited for 15-20 minutes and BAM! Fresh, hot french bread. Sliced a piece off, dipped it in some olive oil and balsamic and loosened my belt. What does this all have to do with biking? Or for that matter, anything? Well, because I ride my bike a lot I can eat all this crap and not get fat. Can you? For recipes or to invite me to your next dinner-party, send me a message.


mamafabun said...

Say what?! Way to bake, brother. I baked peach muffins on the 4th, too! Buddies!

Anonymous said...

From Erimom:
The bread is delicious and dense with a veddy nice texture. The cookies are what PB and chocolate chip cookies should be. I didn't try the pizza, but I know of 2 boys who did, and--to my knowledge--neither vomited after eating the pizza.

Jill said...

Damn, I can't.

But I wouldn't mind getting fat for a couple of those cookies.

HappyHibiscus said...

Have you read "Its not about the bike?"