Stop and smell the roses. Or goats.

Or, at the very least, stop and look at the cow. Amanda and I rode from her house in Loma Rica to Bangor and back this morning. It's a VERY HILLY 25 mile ride. We both wanted to keep going to Oroville which would have made it 55 miles or so, but I had to work at 2:30pm and we didn't start the ride until 11am. It's a very scenic ride, passing through several farms, surrounded by hills, pastures, trees and stinky farm animals. There's one olive-tree grove on the way that always has a GIANT blue ox walking around in it. Another farm has tiny little goats about as big as a Jack Russell. We stopped to pet one such goat because it was staring at us through the fence and bleating something fierce. I fed it some grass while observing that it's full utters dragged on the ground. Hence the fierce bleating perhaps... Oh yeah, about 5 miles into the ride Amanda got stung in the throat by a bee. The following few minutes were sort of nerve wracking as we waited to see if her throat was going to swell shut. It didn't. Over the course of the ride Amanda and I made loose plans to take a bike tour down the coast. I think it would be a good idea to maybe do a couple 2-3 day trips beforehand to prepare, so hopefully we'll be making some definite plans for one of those soon. I will keep you, my adoring readers, updated. During work I thought about how tired I would be on my way home from work because of all the climbing in the hills today but I hauled ass home. I think I set a record. I don't know for sure because my bike computer is still broken.

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HappyHibiscus said...

You should do that, it might be the most beautiful EVER!