7 things you didn't know about me...

Jill @ Up In Alaska posted a list of 7 facts about herself that "you" didn't know, and suggested others follow suit; so without further ado:

Seven things you don't know about Dr. Logan-
1. I was born in Omaha, NE, but I don't care about the Huskers. I moved to Northern California when I was about 4. Then Alaska for college, Boston for a while and then LA breifly. Now I'm back in NorCal. I would love to go back to Alaska for the summer though. I'll probably settle somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.
2. I had a dream when I was young about being pulled under my bed by a witch and I still don't let my hands or feet hang over the edge of the bed; aside from that I don't have any phobias.
3. I was in jail for three days in Sitka, AK. I was the only one in there for all but the last couple hours. The guard told me I had nice hands while he was finger-printing me. The last couple hours were spent thinking of rhymes at the request of my new fellow inmate, a white guy named Bubba (not kidding) who was making up rap songs. At one point the guard asked me if I wanted to join him OUTSIDE for a cigarette. While in there I read Fast Food Nation, White Teeth, and Metal Cowboy.
4. I'm still not sure what I want to do when I grow up, but some of the options I keep coming back to are lawyer, restauranteer, professor and cult-leader. Maybe all of those at once.
5. I read a lot. Mostly non-fiction. Recently almost exclusively religious (buddhist and Christian Apologetic) and philosophical (Kahlil Gibran, Gandhi) texts with some short story anthologies thrown in for good measure. Regardless, I am a terrible speller.
6. I don't even speak one language very well, but I took German for two years and I can speak rough conversational spanish that I picked up from my coworkers, friends, and trips to Mexico. I've taken lessons in guitar, trombone, percussion, harmonica and hand-bells. I'm in the market for a ukulele. I think they're amazing.
7. I over analyze EVERYTHING. I have bad shoppers remorse and as I result I never buy anything. My newest article of clothing is a sweatshirt I bought in San Francisco a year ago because it was cold and I didn't have one with me.
I'm going to stop here and hit publish or else I'll go back and change things.

Now it's your turn, go...

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Jill said...

Great list. You never explained why you were in jail in Sitka. Inquiring minds want to know.