back from SF, onwards to Tahoe

Back from SF. The Spoon concert was a blast, though I must admit I felt like a teenie-bopper waiting in the cold for tickets for two hours. But it was worth it. They played a good mix of old and newer and included a couple songs from their new CD which is out July 10th. Also worth noting is the new bass player, details of which I was unable to locate. Alas, Amanda was wisely concerned about memorial weekend traffic so we left the city before getting to see the "official" start of Critical Mass, though we did see plenty of cyclist milling about in preparation. The SF Gate reports that the ride went off without a hitch, unless you count their running into hoardes of zombies as a hitch. I also missed pillow fight and the courier championships (sorry Fritz, she's the boss). Today Honor, Aaron, Isaiah and Oliver made the trek from Sac to the house and we played bocce and barbequed. Tomorrow Amanda and I are heading up to Lake Tahoe to stay with Zack and Steph at his cabin and hike, bike and gamble ourselves in to oblivion. Will try to take pictures but I'm terrible about that. Most of the pics I post have been stolen; including this one. Cheers.

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Fritz said...

Ah, no sweat.

Where'd you get that photo of the zombies attacking the cyclist? I love it!