Ten steps to a crappy commute.

Warning: I normally LOVE my bike commute, so it takes a lot of work to mess it up. Here's how to do it!

Step 1: wreck your bike the day before so that you are sore and the wheel's busted.
Step 2: dick around on the internet until you realize you're running late.
Step 3: shower quickly and leave without applying sunscreen to your delicate Irish skin.
Step 4: use your folding single-speed bike with 20" wheels that doesn't fit you and hurts your back
Step 5: forget to prep the bike since it hasn't been ridden in months so the tires are super low and the chain is creaky.
Step 6: ride into a direct 25mph headwind.
Step 7: ride on a dry 90 degree day with lots of pollen in the air and DON'T bring water.
Step 8: ride with the sun directly overhead so you can feel the melanoma cells growing.
Step 9: have bad allergies so you can barely breath
Step 10: arrive at work in the nick of time but sit in the bathroom weezing, hiccuping and guzzling water for 20 minutes without clocking in first!

BTW- 2006 Dahon S1 for sale, lightly used. Will trade for new 700c aero front wheel :)


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