Back from Sac

The concert was fun. We parked at Ray's house and his roommate drove us downtown in his Precious Cargo van, dropping us off directly in front of the bar which I thought was hilarious but Amanda and Ray were embarassed. We went to a couple bars (mostly gay bars at Ray's urging) and drank too many whiskey & cokes. The concert was at 9PM at Harlow's which is a small venue and we were right in front of the stage. Andrew Bird puts on a pretty good show, he's a violin playing machine. After the concert we walked to a hamburger joint where Ray ran his mouth at a gangsterish fellow who decided to beat Ray up. Because of all the liquid courage I'd injested I got between them feeling quite brave but had push come to shove that same liquid courage may have caused me a black eye or worse. Fortunately the guy gave up after waiting outside for twenty minutes (the security kicked him out which is hilarious because the whole thing was Ray's fault) so we left without any more issues. Navigating midtown at night proved to be more than we could handle though, and we got so lost the walk home took us two hours and it was only a few blocks.

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