Back from Tahoe.

Amanda and I are back from Lake Tahoe and we had a great time. We did some light hiking to the beach, tried our luck at the roulette table and ate far too much food prepared by our gracious and dashing host Zack. I didn't do nearly as much biking as I would have liked, but the miles and miles of winding bike-trails that cover Tahoe were swarming with tourists on rented cruisers and roller blades winding hither and thither on the narrow paths in no particular direction. There were also dog-walkers with their hairy, pooping pals, hoardes of aparently parentless children chucking frisbees across the path and retirees walking hand in hand in both lanes. But I digress, I was just happy to see folks enjoying themselves on two wheels who are normally cooped up in their cars honking at each other. There was one thing that did bother me though. For every 10 "cyclists" on the paths there was one in full team kit riding in the road. That, in and of itself is great, but in almost every case the tourist traffic had no idea what to do with them and so they just sat on their wheels and waited for the cyclist to pull completely off the road or they followed at 15 mph for a couple minutes then stomped the gas and swerved eratically around them when they realized the cyclists weren't merely lost and looking for the next bike lane. All I know is, it takes a lot of balls to trust all of those cars with your life as you trudge along up a single lane of highway with a 5-10 story sheer rock cliff inches from your wheels and 15 pissy drivers backed up behind you. It may be more scenic than my commute but geez. That said, if I had my road bike there I might have been tempted to try some of those cliffs myself. I guess sanity is in the eyes of the bike-holder. The above photo is a dramatization BTW. I found it here.


Fritz said...

We were up at Huntington Lake, which is the lake beyond Shaver Lake and kind of near Mono Hot Springs in the Sierra National Forest east of Fresno. We also had a great time camping and hiking and playing. No bikes on this trip, uncharacteristically of me.

Dr. Logan said...

Yeah, we're slacking.