Today's bike news.

There's an interesting editorial today in the sports section of the Cary News by the sports editor who is sick of paying 3+ bucks a gallon, so he's been *gasp* commuting by bike. Also in bike news former Altera CEO Rodney Smith was killed when he was struck by a car while riding his bike. He was an avid cyclist and a collector of vintage race cars. He was 67. In Canada police are searching for a man who has reportedly been riding up to random women on his bicycle and asking them to kick him in the groin. Maybe he's just numb from riding and wants to make sure they're still there? And those crazy brits might be onto something: London fire-fighters are using bicycles to access remote spots in alleys and fields that might be susceptible to arson and wildfires. And finally some good news about gasoline: no, prices aren't going down. A report I heard on the radio moments ago said that gas consumption in the US is down 2.5% since this time last year. I can't find the story online but if you see it, please send me the link. That's it for bike news, 'til next time, see you on the trails.

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